Staff Guidance


Report – Do you want to take action?  

If you have been treated in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable as a result of the behaviour of another member of staff, you can have an informal, open and honest discussion with the individual concerned.

If you don’t feel comfortable or feel that an informal discussion is appropriate, you should raise your concerns as soon as possible with your manager. You can also contact your local HR People Partner to talk through your options. Any reports will be considered thoroughly according to the appropriate procedure:

Where appropriate, disciplinary action may be taken against instigators of bullying, harassment or victimisation.

The Anonymous Reporting tool allows you to raise a concern and  help the university to identify patterns and trends in the incidents reported in order to improve the way we respond to reports.
If you are unsure of which option to peruse, you can have a confidential conversation with a HR People Partner.

Support – Do you need to talk someone for help?  

If you are unsure of what to do, or do not want to make a report but still would like support following your experience, you can find out more about available internal and external services on our Support Services pages.