Harassment Advisors

The Harassment Advice Network provides advice and support on areas relating to sexual violence, harassment and bullying. Harassment Advisors are able to offer impartial and confidential advice on the range of options and support available and will take a sympathetic and neutral approach to all concerns which are raised.

When a student books an appointment through the Harassment Advisor appointment form they can expect to receive a response within four working days. The Head of Diversity & Inclusion will send the information provided in the form to the network and a Harassment Advisor will then contact the student. The student is then given a 45-minute face to face appointment with an advisor in person on one of the King’s campuses. If there are access requirements the student must let the Harassment Advisor know when the appointment is booked.

What students can expect from Harassment Advisors:

  • To arrange an appointment for a student within four working days
  • To provide a confidential service, which means not sharing information about a student’s case with anyone outside of the network without their permission. For more information see the Confidentiality Policy.
  • To offer impartial and confidential advice on the range of options and support available
  • To not act on a student’s behalf but support them to take action themselves.

What we ask of students:

  • To take responsibility for their own situation. This means they will need to write their own statements and correspondence, and speak for themselves in meetings and in any hearings.
  • To be patient when corresponding with their Harassment Advisor, who will be managing this role voluntarily alongside their university staff duties.
  • To confirm their appointment within a reasonable amount of time after they have been contacted by a harassment advisor
  • To attend their appointments at their agreed time, or to let the Harassment Advisor know in advance if they need to cancel or change the meeting time.

If you would like to book an appointment with a Harassment Advisor, please familiarise yourself with the way in which we work and our service policies. The Harassment Advisor Service Document outlines what you can expect from us, and what we ask from you as a user of our service. When using the service, it should be understood that you are entering into this agreement.

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