Anonymous Reporting 

King’s students, staff and visitors can choose to anonymously report bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct.  King’s takes these complaints very seriously and offers a range of support and reporting options to those who have experienced this behaviour.  However, King’s also acknowledges that people may find it difficult or may not want to make formal reports.  The information you provide will be collated and analysed to help monitor the prevalence of incidents that take place and understand the impact of initiatives run by the King’s and KCLSU.

If you choose to report anonymously, the College will not be able to offer direct advice or begin a formal misconduct process.

Even if you decide to make an anonymous report, you can still seek support from internal and external services.

Click here to make an Anonymous Report

Frequently Asked Questions 

How is the information from the anonymous form used? 
The information provided through anonymous reports may enable the university to examine patterns of bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct. Data will be aggregated and not published unless there are sufficient responses to reasonably de-identify data.

How is the data stored? 
All data is stored securely and confidentially on an online database which is accessible to members of the Harassment Adviser Network Team.

Who has access to this information?  
Access to the raw data in the forms is limited to the It Stops Here Harassment Advisor Network Team.

How do we ensure that you remain anonymous?  
You won’t be asked your name, or contact details and we will NOT contact you.
If you have any further questions, email