It Stops Here Taskforce

The It Stops Here Taskforce is responsible for the implementation of the It Stops Here university staff and student strategy, overseeing the delivery of the university strategy, ensuring King’s mainstreams and embeds University UK’s recommendations by 2018/19. To guide the implementation process, the Taskforce is additionally responsible for responding to government and sector guidance/recommendations, regular review of policy, procedures and activities across the university.

The Taskforce will review the processing of anonymised incidents, reported cases and outcomes in order to identify any mechanisms for improving the approach to reporting and managing incidents, and responding to organisational cultural trends or issues.

The It Stops Here Taskforce will report to and provide assurance to King’s Senior Executive Team and Senior Management Team that:

•  Policies, procedures and reporting tools are being utilised across the University;

• Training is applied widely and appropriately;

• Support services continue to be effective and sufficient;

• Data is collected to assess how many incidents the university is aware of, how they have been responded to or dealt with and

• A ‘climate’ assessment is conducted across to better understand the experiences of staff and students across the university.

This will be achieved through an annual report to SET and SMT.



Taskforce Members

Ed Byrne
King’s College London Principal (Sponsor)

Sarah Guerra
Diversity & Inclusion Director (Chair)

Alison Stenton
College Senior Tutor (Deputy Chair)

Nicole Walsh
Diversity & Inclusion Consultant (Secretariat) 

Kate Harvey
Student Conduct & Appeals

David Newman
College Solicitor

Chris Shelley
Student Services

Anna Dodridge
KCLSU Community Engagement Director

Imaan Ashraf
KCLSU Vice-president Welfare

Alicia Tan
KCLSU Women’s Officer

Carol Ford
Human Resources

Lorraine Kelly
Organisation Development

Ann McNeill
Academic/IOPPN representative

Ben Bowling
Academic/Law representative

The Right Reverend Dame Sarah Mullally
Member of Council

Sally Morgan
Member of Council

Paloma Lisboa
Estates & Facilities

Daniel Snowden
HR Business Partner