About It Stops Here


All members of the King’s College campus community are entitled to a safe, inclusive and supportive environment, which is bound by mutual respect and a commitment to ensure that all forms of harassment, discrimination or bullying are not tolerated. King’s College and KCLSU have partnered together for It Stops Here to promote respectful relationships, establish a zero-tolerance culture and ensure effective reporting, monitoring and support mechanisms for students and staff who have experienced sexual harassment and violence.

It Stops Here aims to:

•  Raise awareness about sexual harassment and violence and its impacts

•  Improve support and reporting by reviewing our guidance, making reporting procedures clear and accessible, and delivering specialist training to front line staff

•  Address and challenge behaviour that enables or encourages sexual harassment through delivering workshops and events that provide the tools to do so.

Looking ahead to 2018 we are going to expand the program to all forms of bullying harassment and discrimination